heyy, hw ya doin. This life isn't difficult as u think. cause it will end whenever it will be. fr me, my journey begins here. I lived the way I am. I talked to ordinary person and avoided strangers. I walked in a day with the sunshine lighting me. I breathe the air that my lungs need to. and I'll be whatever have written fr me to be.  
it's a love story to tell. 
now, am studying under engineering field and I met this man. our first met and I got crush on him. Lucky me, he was tried on me. so I knew that am not the one who fell in love with him. at first he tried to cheat me after his past gamed him. Unfortunately, he was unable to play on me. he loved me more than u think. he loved me more than u see. and he loved me more than he loved u bfore. it was hard to live under control and sometimes it doesnt matter to break the rules. he controlled me like I was a doll to him. but he kept his doll in a safer place in his heart. deep in his heart and he will never ever let me go. he said "please don't return back" . I tried, tried to love u like u loved me, like something pure and holly, like something that could never be replaced. how miracle, your love is stronger and I could never beat it. Thankyou fr that hney :') I realised why u being so angry. you stop me from hanging out late night, you scold me whenever I talked to a guy, you mad at me when I show my pictures to people, you said don't wear to tight because you won't let others to look at me, you said don't be popular because u hate when guys looking at me. I loved that. Thankyou honey. you showed me the love but it's only me who blind to see that. and now I can only say, I love having u around. and I thought am the only one u jealous when girls keep an eye on u. but what u did that, I know that am yours and you're mine. but u never tried to admit what u feel. u won't admit any words. I knew you.
 Love, Amzar's. 

me and my boo