here you come, my birthday boyy ! xoxo :*

another an hour, his birthday is coming soon :D
but am sorry I can't be like the other girlfriends did to their boy :( I can't be there fr you. I just can't. sorry honey :'( hmmmm there is something that I can do, and it came sincerely from my heart, you always be in my du'a , and I hope its enough fr you honey :') 
and I can tell you this, this song is really is really mean to me. and you know honey, u make me feel like am the only girl in the world :')

Hey, boy, I really wanna seeIf you can go downtown with a girl like meHey, boy, I really wanna be with you'Cause you just my typeBaby, you got meAnd ain't nowhere that I'd beThan with your arms around meBack and forth you rock meSo I surrenderTo every word you whisperEvery door you enterI will let you inYou're so amazingYou took the time to figure me outThats why you take meWay past the point of turning me onYou 'bout to break meI swear you got me losing my mind
have a nice day my sweetheart :')