Alhamdulillah, big grateful to my Lord Allah Subhanahuwataala :) part 3 will end soon, just a few days and then will begin a terrify moment. Results will be out after a few weeks, so I can still pray and hope the best fr my result. This part 3 is really really tough, hard and challenging sem to me, others said so. even we're facing 5 papers on final, but it weren't easy as u thought. Its all about calculation ! argh ! 
Insya-Allah if next sem we will stay in the same room, then you you and you will be my room-mates again! ==" hahahahaha its so much better if we will be together. Easy. Easy to complaining, screaming, and chatting. hewhew :3 I will miss you girls if you're not being together after 2 sem stayed in the same room :( 
Yana, even you tried to punch me fr several times and u never succeeded that, I'll be the one who miss your nasty behaviour , hee
Nyot, I hope you sleep well. heee
Yantie, I wish to be your student again! I had learnt so much from you. Thankyou :)
budak bilik sebelah, rajin2 buang smpah ye! ha ha ha joke :p
this is my partner in girls room ^^
well those guys are my Bel group with Miss Syakira :)
and this is my dean partners hehe