hehe what a happy day to me :)
tell you what, I achieved in dean list in semester 2 (Diploma) , this is what I really really hope for, since I came here. at first I was dumb bout 'dean list' oh what the heck is that, and finally I understood. hee. last Wednesday was held "Majlis Dekan" fr electrical students. am so proud babeh ! because last sem I didn't make it :'( and I just watching my friends enjoying their best moment at the party. hm and from that am starting to aim my target! everyday I pray fr best achievement in studies, I prayed Allah to be in dean list like others did, if they can make it, why not me? HEE I got 3.72 in semester 2. and I really really hope I would not lose my track. but now, my grade decreasing :'( but last sem I thought I would never be in dean list because I had low marks in every subjects. seriously ! maybe I scored in final exam perhaps. haha when I opened up my result, I was surprised ! is it real ? and then , I ran off to mom, and screaming and jumping ! 
I never scored this best, if you're saying that I over excited oh ya I am. I am swallowing my pride. because this is the best after I screwed up my SPM's result. maybe I was numb in school, but my uncle said, university is far away different from school. 
when sitting on the first line as arranging by our code program

my classmates in semester 2 , they made me want to be in dean list so much ! 
Electrical Students obviously :)