He is so special to me, so special to my heart. and I am enchanted to meet him everyday :)
'please don't be in love with someone else, and please don't have somebody waiting on youu'

I have no one here, and I'm just hold on onto you. It's you who can lift me up and tears me down. When you asked me to come with you, I refused, and that was a very stupid thing to get away from you. Now, I realized that how precious to be with you even fr a while. You are willing to do anything fr me, and not just fr me but because of me. You did all those things fr me. You took a long distances walk to meet me, you took a few miles to see me. I was dumb to be angry, I was dumb to be sulky, and I was dumb to be quiet. You cried when you saw me mad. Pardon me. I never meant to make you felt that way. It was nothing, it's just a stupid thing to be mad of. You never show me how romantic are you. But I can see it clearly in your eyes. When you sang 'you raise me up' to me, I can't figure out my feelings, I'm speechless honey. ILOVEYOU. and it was a time, when you said that 'I never felt a love like this' , I'm thinking of one thing, it was I am the luckiest girl to have you. I am so happy. I really wanna make you the right fr me.
He is playboy in your eyes, but he is sincere to me. You could never imagine his love towards me.
#Your love is an infection that is attached in my heart, forever.