it's so wonderful and lovely day to me. kind of spending a leisure time with my beloved soul-mate ahaks ;D umm he's so sweet. he treated me like am a princess of his heart, was actually I am :)) winkwink ^^ and this is what I dream fr, to be with him ONE whole day, but we were together fr two days ^^ just with him. and the one last thing, he brought me Mr Baby Tiger , heheeee so cute ^^ he held me in his arm, all the time, like he never let me escape even a sec. he said that, he was so happy spending time with me, and he don't wanna lose me.. 
#I can't take when there's a girl chasing him in front of my eyes and she just blocking my view looking at him. hm what a bitch -,-even she knew that I was belong to him.
we are happy now, and as a promise, he will be my future bride :')
lots of love, DARLING