You already took my love honey , don't you dare to throw it ! 
ehem , my darling is so damn sweet : he bought a bear and he knows that I will always be accompanied by my bear since he's not with me at night :( I wanna be your girl forever and ever #I can see me walk down the isle ^^ uhh . mommy daddy , bless us okay . I am happy .seriously happy :) #I know a desire to be loved and the desire for belonging is not the same my choice is you hell yeah , I'ma bit worry 'bout the girls who smile with their pink lip gloss to my sweetheart ThankGod my darling doesn't melt with your seductive smile bitches :) cuz this love is ours , I'll try my hardest to fight their doubt and give you faith , with this LOVE for you 
you are wonderful because ;
-your eyes are captured
-perfect smile
-sinewy hands 
-soft heart 
-riddles that you speak
but the utmost I Love You because You, Being You, and Just You