Falling in love with Amir Zidan
It most wonderful time of mine. lights fill my heart with full of cheers. I shoulda told him what he meant to me. but Im still afraid losing him, it was never be my thought. he might be mine some day. never plan that one day I'd be losing you. I dont wanna miss a single thing with him. wanna always be with you in each second cuz I feel safe in your arm. everyone's keep lookin' at us and judging bout what we had been through, but this love is strong just keep moving on and SHUT 'EM UP ! we shoulda chilling all the time and just smile. the sky followed the wind just like the way I followed my heart to love you. I could do the best fr you and as strong as I can love you so well in my way. I wanna show you a miracle that you could ever imagine. it is true I can't be mad at you whenever I look into your eyes, you changing me. You raise me up and just you who can tears me down. I love what I feel with you , I don't want to lose this moment. 
*be mine (!)