it's been two weeks am here , LikeSerious I miss my bed , and my bed-partner #NURFAHERA ADRIANA my sweetsour sister and ofcourse she's pretty okay BERUK . because she's myTWIN , yaaaa , she's my twin. we are supernova girl ^^ ahaa we did everything together , whatever-must-be-together ! T.T and now, I can't bring you to watch OMBAKRINDU >< so sorry my pretty , urm I miss when we on skype-ing with your ehem *he's so pretty btw and he must missed me a lot, didn't he :D and I fucking miss when we over-slept and over-wake kahkah xD and went fr breakfast with nenekatok, alang (tak kedekut tapi jimat) and BELLAWALT *imissyoutoo :) wanna feel the fresh air in the morning , then be forced to clean up rumahnenek -..- , PRETTYCOOL lah kan ! hurm I'll be back soon , wait fr me - ijust left a few sem to graduate and stay at home again ! JYEAH so I can meet my beloved sister #nana <3 
send my regards to MAMA :)