p/s : my mind is spinning around 
hey people, arrgh this two months was so hard fr me to take it. tell you what, (1st) I was far away from my lover T.T like serious, I miss you so badly Mr A , umm I'm counting the day to meet you, day by day I wish that our love was strong enough to make it last :) and we had a lot of fight in this semester break, I hate sem break !!!! well, (2nd) I'm not working , sometimes i feel that I need to go to find some job but uhm the faith has stated that I don't need any work. so this two months make me stuck at home without doing any healthy activities -____- and I  am growing up now ! growing up too much at my cutie tummy , lol. really, now my body figure is damn hell shit , I need to get a healthy diet rather than sit up once a month *lazy :D okay (3rd) there's too many thing I ate, until I ignore my sensitivity T.T see, I got a lot of pimples on my face , a lot of acne and scars . I've been trying many beauty stuffs , none of them good fr me. Idk what else to do until I gave up on this just let the faith make it right, ghagha xD and some says that what had given to you is the best fr you. so I can only pleased :) (4th) I'm running out of money T.T hanging out here, hanging out there, bought that, bought this , at last I'm empty. my purse is empty :'( fttt .
and I end my sad story here , sob sob , TATA 

laughing out loud, FAFAAMZAR