here is the fact,
You sent me a request because you know that I am with him. he is just like the most wanted guy to every women. and I realized that. I own him now, I own his heart and soul. he really in love with me.I'm not lying! you girls, just want to know much about us, I don't know you and the truth is I only respond you if I know you as my friend but I did respond you as my friend because I let you to know what you want. and then you didn't ask anything about me. do you know what you category is, YOU ARE SUCH A SUCKS STALKER! get the hell out of our life, don't hack him, don't bother about us, we just want to live happily like a normal person. GET AWAY FROM US ! HE IS MINE, DON'T YOU GET THAT , 
JANGAN GEDIK LAH , kalau dah bertudung tu elok kau simpan jela adab kau tu !