I just want you to know that I never hate you, never. If I said it before, it's just because I got mad. the truth is I never hate you honey. and if you wanna know, you are the one that I never wish to live without. when it's getting hard you try to win my heart even you know that you will never win in our relationship, but the truth is YOU WIN MY HEART in every part. I don't know why whenever we had a fight. we end it like we were not fighting at all. I can feel your love. Maybe that's why I love you with all my heart. and whenever I put us on trouble, you are the one who fix it, and I just get thing become worst. I am sorry , all I know is I love you honey. and you really bring me to this high level of love. I miss you everyday. I am so much jealous if I know that girls out there looking at you, I can't bare to face it. I just want to be near you all the time. it's only me can know what are you wearing today, how do you look today, where you're going, who you be friends with. I know it's hard fr you to let me go, but I ain't going nowhere. we are far away apart, you are not here with me. my heart is yours, trust me.
and yes, I got crush on you because of who you are. and now, I love you because you let me. I won't blame you on this. I like it this way. oh people, I love him because of the sense of passion and a desire to have him in my heart, not just wanting him. 

p/s : he's not left her ex girlfriend because of me, and I left me ex-bf not because of him. I get bored since before I continued my study.