wow , this is great ! we got a ticket to watch the Anugerah Skrin at PWTC , like we used to. okay after the show end , we quickly ran to the red carpet where the actress should be there. and then , big guy - TV3 crew came to us and just gave us a ticket - VVIP ticket. we're not believe him at that time, but then my sister asked me to take that. so , yeah , it's a PARTY INVITATION TICKET :O god ! we got a chance to get in to the party and wow, after walk in to the party - there's so many actress there ! just can't believe what we saw right in front of us, we're be in the same party where the actress be ! they were not bad okay, they talking to us, laughing, joking, wow :O this is great ! and then u went to Sofi Jikan - Ajib was asking me "korang artis baru ke ?" huh naaah, but could be in future HAHA . i said "i like how u act!" he said "yeah, i pun suka u berlakon" i dah err ? haha
I frequently came to Shaheizy Sam, until he realized that, then he asked fr our name :D we're shaking hands , and blow a kiss :D heeeee and I used to take his picture fr a several times ^^
at the same time, there's one guy keep looking at us, we're scared. and then he gone but then he appeared. he came to us, gave a card and "kalau nak casting, give me a call , bila2 saja, kalau nak la" wow :O this is a MIG Production , by David Teo ! this is wonderful night ever !
oh :)