hey you , wanna know something ? actually I just want to share 
this was happened about a 4weeks ago, I think so. urm okay let's start it. 
it's a 'Cuti Sem' fr a UiTM's student like me. I was going back by KPB Express Bus , okay the driver was so rude ! pfft I hate the way he yelled to the passenger , damn 
situation 1 : a women went fr a toilet but she was too late to get in to the bus. later on the driver yelling , called her "makcik" it sounds like this "makcik , cepat laah, tidur ke dalam bilik tu!" don't you think it was so rude . ah Fttt ! 
situation 2 : that was an Indian old woman, she was talking so loud. but it's okay fr me which I was sitting behind of her. once again I heard the driver voiced , he said "dey aci, cakap tu slow skit laah, ni bukan dekat rumah!" damn, if I was her daughter , I must be mad at him . 
if you want to know, he came late at the terminal which he supposed to get there at 1.45pm but he arrived at 2.15pm WTF lahkan ! I hate this KPB Express Bus. 

#tunjuk perasaan