"hai selamat pengantin baru semoga kekal bahagia selalu ke anak cucu sentosa murah rezeki ,
Alhamdulillah ketemu jodohnya berkat kesucian akhir terlaksana 
pabila sedang bersanding jangan lah suka menjeling
menjadi raja sehari tersenyum nampak berseri"
hihi we're attending one of our friends wedding , oh correction ! her brother marriage's. and this is the perfect time fr us to meet :) 

well, wish to meet all of you a bit longer 
but time and situation doesn't allow us. sokay 
just wait fr my wedding xD kahkahkah
p/s : it's my dream to be on the bridal :) aww 
oh hell, one thing. a car that parked besides me, was broken down by thugs. damn I was scared cause people rushed away to my car. oh Thank God there's nothing happened to my car. people should be more careful and don't leave valuables in your car!