"feels so good being bad , there's no way I'm turning back
love is great love is fun, outta box outta line 
the affliction of the feelings makes me wanting more ,
cuz I'm maybe bad but I'm perfectly good at it "
there's something that I want to figure out in my life, is not a perfect lifestyle that I needed, what I've been searching for is the happiness that could make me smile whenever I wake up and till the time I close my eyes. I don't care if you are my friend, my family, or my special partner, what I know is you could make me happy. I is my self , if I don't want you to be a part of my life, you'd better walk away, if you still stay so, you are useless in my eyes. seriously. and if I really want you, I'll make you hardest to go, I love being selfish to thing that I really wanted. sometimes , the people that you love could make a big mistake but the mistakes were the things that make your love stronger than before. and sometimes I could be kind and pretend to be kind in front of someone shit because if you acting like a worst they will start their perfect-damn drama. jerks. and just pretend that you're happy in front of someone that hate you so much , it's killing them indeed. instead of being nice all the time, try to be bad. seriously it was fucking damn fun :) but don't break your promise to be a better girl, just show a bit of your bad attitude. you are sucks being a nice person all the time. 
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