HAYya !
cikravara , wanna ask you something laah. If you never knew me before what would you describe about me ? curious 0.o ha ! funny thing - my roomates were talking bout riding a motor bike but I don't bother 'em *I'm kinda mind my own business :) maybe they thought that I don't speak a word so I'm not a rider. hha but when I said that "I'm riding to school.." they were like HUH ? ARE YOU SERIOUS ? 
#moral here : don't judge a book by it's cover , lalala ^^
acii, yes I am freehair. and I am comfortable with the way I am. with that people always think badly about me. they thought that I can't read Quran with the best Tajwid - and again people you were wrong :) maybe I'm not better than Qari and Qariah , but I most better than you . ashamed with that - think before you talk. "you stuck in Tajwid , don't you ?" I don't have to answer it , because you don't know who am I ...
#don't think that you are good enough , poor you . 
aneeey,  I am super active girl. I should be proud of my self ! because , girl like you can't do things that I can do. hha *what a show off . actually urm , I can do any sport . I am. Just don't have a luck to try all of it. I'm a netball player I can play at all position, best player fr sofball (3rd base), best player fr hockey (pusher,1st runner,left-wing), and got a new record fr high-jump at school, a sprinter too and I was an Olahragawati at primary school - atleast I got. even though you were looking at me like I am a girl with a make up , fashion , but you don't know me when I got my self on the game. it's different - I always give my best , the best fr my own. even you can't see it. 
#be a tough girl :)    

Sorry if you feel like 'yekk' reading this. blaaah !