who knows . I am falling fr youu finally . I hope you're the last fr me because I was seriously tired of the game , I hope this is the chance fr us to make it last . You shouldn't be asking me why . there is no reason in LOVE . I was crushed on you , yes I do . and hell yeah You felt the same way too . What a big surprised , I won't go home because the only thing that I got right here and right now is YOU , you're here for me . I don't want to feel any regret with all this . baby , you have me . 
To Mama : bless us :)

dear Nara , 
I'm so crazy of you , I do whatever it takes just to be with you , even I have to risk my own life , I don't care , I just wanna be with you . It's only you who keep running in my mind , only you who always in my heart . Nothing in this world can compare with such a lovely girl like you . I love you , even saying that can't describe such a wonderful feeling toward you sayang . 
It's you who always keep me high and I started to love you more than you could ever imagine , only you can do it to me . make me happy and make me the luckiest guy in the world . I will never gonna let you go , I will fight and do anything just to be with you .
baby , know that you are important to me , I really scared to lose you . am gonna love only you , nobody else . please be with me , just me sayang . please don't turn back , am scared . Damn , I want you so badly . you are the one I wanna give my love, my kiss, my hug, my life . I wanna be the best fr you . stay with me so I won't be lonely . promise to always be there fr you through thick and thin, I'd be there fr you , I'll be your crying shoulder . sorry fr not being a perfect guy  , I just a normal guy compared to your place with full of socialize guys . but I do have a heart that no other guy or even your past have , a sincere soft heart that will always love you. Hope that is enough fr you ucuk ^^ ILOVEYOUSOMUCH my only girl.  
boy you completed me :)