heyy todd. 
I always doing well here with your fucking-shit words. never running out and always there fr you to judge me :) 
actually, Idk what's your problem really is , I swear to God u are fucking jealousy don't you ? huhh such a fool .
I'm nothing laah bby fr you to talking bout me. ya maybe I had a beautiful face that God has given to me :) lala so why don't you just love it huh ? you  are so pathetic , pity you by then. 
you just givin' me a lot of sins. I'm fucking yelling and cursing to your name , uh supposed not to mention you in my wonderful life's chapter. 
Why do people were so hard to accept me? because I'm looking worst in your eyes ?
yes , I'm an arrogant. the fact is I was too hard to start a conversation with a new partner, I'm not kinda talkative and maybe I just can go with someone who standing on my shoes. blabla 
u don't know me as well. I just can be much better than you , YES I DO i just don't, because I'm not good enough. I do have something that you don't have it.
I'm not running out of popularity even though I was your worst-looking girl. I'm not one of the sale page to get myself famous anyway. sorry fr those eating chilli and feels the hotandspicy. ctttt !
okay enough , so many questions so much on my mind and so many answers I can't find. 
it's too heartsick