my EE1111A class. not all of us joined this session. idk why -..- huh
p slash s : sorry , this picture has been cropped 
Electrical engineering *power , electronic and instrument :))

top student : 4 guys at the bottom of the picture :)
but with us , if we're study more struggle there's more sucks happened 

I've been counseled by Ustaz ; he told me some stories where the man doesn't care fr what people are talking bout them. and that situation just replaced me on that story. I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO SOMEONE if you're not good in my eyes. but when ustaz's say that "you have to change, don't wait, You have a good reading in Quran , why don't you be a good girl ?" I said "bertudung doesn't mean they good" yes you are right , but then ustaz told me, just let them be , you be what are you supposed to be, you such a nice girl in my eyes , cantik bertudung , mahal aurat tu. for me, it gives a lot of meaning with that statement. I feel peace when ustaz's saying that. doesn't matter if you just wearing a short scarf, by the time pass I'll see u wearing a long scarf :) okay . 
I know u can take this :)