I really miss my hometown. and now, I'm HOME ! hello guys ! oh gosh , seriously , I miss everything ,, but I have no time to spend it with all of you. I'm sorry. and I can't be lie, UiTM Penang was cool :) I love it. yaa, at first, I was a bit homesick. everybody did! hm 
I've started my class. it's hard, yeah ! but I'll try my best fr my study :D study fr a future ! hee 
Tuesday night ; I was stuck in lift. WTF! I swear that I'll never get in the lift when I saw somebody was stuck in before me. but my friends asked me too. and I feel ashamed if I'm running out of it. so, I get my self in -..- then , BOOP ! "arrgh , shitt ! I told you , I don't want to get in the lift !!" T.T we're waiting bout half an hour. what the fttt ! I pressed the Bell's button fr emergency , there's no one answering. so I decide to open the door. I am the HULK at that time , jyeah ! but , the next door was so hard , so I make a call since the door giving a coverage to make a call. I called my mom , but she just laughing to hear that -..- then , pakcik guard arrived and get us out of the shit lift :))
TEST ! physic -..- it was FUN (fullstop
FRUIT FIESTA , whoaa you can get every fruits , Malaysian Fruits. damn it was great and delicious 

ohh I really miss my sister. I slept beside her , and I really really want to kiss her but I'm shy :p hahaa the one thing that made me feel more love is , she wrote my name on her arms :D ILOVEYOU El Alleen <33