it's a bitrhday GIRL !

last Friday was my sweet sister's birthday , we had a same day of birthday which is Friday. she's celebrated her birthday at 4th March and she really hopes some surprise. I was actually planned something fr her birthday and she always wish that the whole World knew her birthday was on Friday. and she got it, her friends wishes at FB and she felt so proud and thanks to them , ThankYou fr making my sister happy :)
so , I text my cousin to prepare a things fr her birthday. and I bought the balloons and tepung. as a teenage games , they threw it to the birthday's girl. HAHA i filled up the balloons with the waters and we threw it to Nana :D and then I take out the cake and she blew it up and we threw the cake to her face ! HAHA she was so surprised and she loved it :)
she thanks me fr what I've planned. and she said that she had a wonderful birthday ever :)
I'm happy if u were happy ! 


 just a simple celebration *playful